The Mozart Project

Prometheus Piano Trio
Special Reception prepared by pastry chef, Guy Mendal
The Program includes
Mozart Trio in B-flat Major,
Mozart Trio in E Major and
Arvo Parts "Mozart Adagio".

Musicians include Dr. Timothy Hsu, violin, Norah Clydesdale, cello and Dr. Zahari Metchkov, piano
September 30, 2017 at 7 PM

A Special Reception - 

Chocolate Amaretto Bon-Bons
Salted Caramel Popcorn
Raspberry Tartlet with Almond Cream and
Coffee Crème Brulee Mousse Cake!!!

After retiring from the Israeli military, Guy Mendel  decided to take a new path in his future career. Since the kitchen has always been a familiar zone among his family members, and with a tremendous passion to the French culinary culture, Guy decided to go on the journey of becoming a pastry chef and specializing the French Patisserie in the best culinary school in Israel. He received his culinary education from the best pastry chefs in the country who educated themselves in the capital of the culinary arts - Paris, France.
After getting the diploma, Guy started to create his own dessert collection and recipes, based on the French baking method. His ability to create a wide range of pastries and desserts due to the culinary education and life experience, along with the use of the best ingredients in the world, give the uniqueness in his creations.

About the Musicians

Norah Joy Clydesdale comes from a family of musicians originating in Glasgow, Scotland. Her grandfather, Mr. Robert Clydesdale, was an orchestra conductor and cellist who immigrated to New York State in 1932. He sailed on a cruise ship across the Atlantic performing trios aboard, and proceeded to continue his career as a cellist and teacher in upstate New York.
Both a pianist and an organist, Dr. Zahari Metchkov has performed at such venues as New York’s Avery Fisher Hall and Washington’s Kennedy Center. He has concertized in Israel, Bulgaria, and the United States. Dr. Metchkov released his first CD in 2008 ­- a recording of works for piano and orchestra by Franz Liszt and Cesar Franck and a second recording project featuring solo works for piano and organ completed in the Spring of 2014.
An Oklahoma native, Timothy Hsu has had the opportunity to perform and teach in various cities throughout the country and South America, including Baltimore, Dallas, Aspen, Iowa City, Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Washington, D.C. Mr. Hsu has always had a passion for teaching and community engagement programs throughout his career.